Amanda,  I can tell you love Polli very much, but if the vet suggested
euthanasia I think you should take his advice. Anemia is not an easy way 
to die, and the kindest thing you can do for Polliis is give her a gentle

I lost three FelV kittens in two months and I tried to keep the first one
going by forcing her to eat, but I realized I was only prolonging the
inevitable. The poor cat gagged and struggled to get away from me, and I 
will never do this to a dying cat again.  Force feeding or assisted feeding 
is advised when there is hope the cat will get better,  but there is no cure 
for Feline Leukemia and Polli will suffer more each day that she is alive. 


> I have a ten month old kitty, Polli, who was diagnosed with FeLV about two
> months ago.  At that time, she started licking the walls and our potted
> plants in addition increasing lethargy.  I took her to the vet where she
> was diagnosed with severe anemia related to FeLV.  We were told we'd have
> to assist her to the rainbow bridge..............

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