That’s a great site-thanks!

I’ve been feeding mine Tiki Cat, and I was
looking at it and reading the ingredients list, wouldn’t it be
a lot cheaper and just as good to boil some chicken and add
a cat vitamin?

Chris C.

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Ember was four years old when she tested positive, but she must have had the 
disease prior to that. She might have been as young as two or three years old 
when the infection became persistent. We still don't know how the virus got 
into the house, whether through Ember herself or a stray kitten my parents took 
in who was later euthanized due to symptoms a year and a half later.

About lymphoma, please join the feline lymphoma Yahoo! group. The support there 
is amazing, and a vet frequently comments there.

I'm glad that the others aren't showing symptoms. My Ember has thankfully had 
very few issues with the virus. Her main symptoms are: low white blood cell 
count, anisocoria (one pupil is fully open all the time), and some very minor 
bouts of diarrhea (not in the last few years) and upper respiratory infections. 
For the most part, she gets sick like a normal cat. 

You may want to check this blog post that covers cat food:


Ember eats Tiki Cat these days, which is the priciest stuff, but other brands 
like Hound & Gatos and Great Life Essentials are more affordable.

On Jun 6, 2013, at 5:33 PM, kasia mosko <> wrote:

  Hi Lance,

  Are any of your FeLV+ cats showing symptoms? 
  ***Besides Jack, who has lymphoma, none of the other cats show any symptoms.
  Lance, when was your girl diagnosed with it?

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