I've been following everyone's comments, which have been very informative.
I recently lost my 3 year old girl, Fiona, to feline leukemia.  She was
gone within two weeks.  She went from a very active and healthy girl to
barely walking and shaking in a two week period.  I first noticed that she
wasn't jumping on my bed or anything else for that matter.  I took her to
the vet and they did blood work and called me within an hour of leaving
their office telling me she tested positive.  They then sent her blood out
for other various tests and the results were all good for her not having
any other problems.  Each day she got a little less active and then stopped
eating and drinking.  I used a syringe to feed and give her water for a
couple days and then took her back to the vet.  She injected fluids under
her skin and when I got home, she began eating and drinking immediately.
They also gave me a couple pills to give her to stimulate her appetite -
they only worked once.  She was shutting down and looked so sad.  The
morning she could barely walk and was shaking told me it was time to put
her down.  It broke my heart.  I rescued her from the streets and when I
had her fixed at one year old, they tested for HIV & leukemia and she was
negative.  She has been living with my four year old boy, Dolce, for
two years sharing food bowls and litter boxes.  My vet tells me there is a
99% chance that Dolce was infected.  He is in perfect health right
now.  The vet basically said she wouldn't bother testing him because she is
certain he would have it.  From what I've been reading from the posts here,
there is a change he might not be infected.  They used to run and play
together, but never did I see her bight him.  I want to add that since
I rescued her, she never was outside again.  From what I've been reading,
no one has lost a cat this quickly to the disease.  Makes me think she had
something else.  I don't have much faith in vets from my experience over
the years.  I'd be interested in your thoughts.

Mary Muzyka
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