Shali was gone for 6 weeks and then turned up acting like nothing wrong had 
happened.  Did you put up posters?  Will pray that he returns safe and sound.

---- Patricia Romagna <> wrote: 
> Hi, 
I'm sorry but I will need to leave your discussions.  My cat, William (as in 
Shakespeare) ran away last month.  I just hope that he found a loving family.  
When I went away for a week and a half I hired someone to come to my house just 
in case he returned home.  I live in a townhouse community so every house looks 
the same and he never left the house before.  I will probably get another high 
needs cat.  I adopted William knowing that he had leukemia.  Basically I want 
to adopt a cat that no one else wants.  Wishing all of the best to the members 
of the group.

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