My FeLV cat passed away, but I am still here because I always learn a lot
of things from this list, and I know it is also a place where I can seek
help if I get into FeLV situation again.

Patricia, I am sorry about William but have you also checked local
shelters/animal control nearby? Sometimes cat goes away for awhile may beg
food from households again, and ends up being turned to shelters. And I
would urge you to check shelters and animal control even on a daily basis
because sadly many shelters or animal control would euthanize FeLV + cats
without waiting period, except for cats with microchips. If William is
micro-chipped, you may ask your vet to help you find an access to the
microchip database, even if you forget to pay the annual fee....

Hope William finds his way home soon,

On Tue, Jul 2, 2013 at 3:40 PM, <> wrote:

> Shali was gone for 6 weeks and then turned up acting like nothing wrong
> had happened.  Did you put up posters?  Will pray that he returns safe and
> sound.
> ---- Patricia Romagna <> wrote:
> > Hi,
> I'm sorry but I will need to leave your discussions.  My cat, William (as
> in Shakespeare) ran away last month.  I just hope that he found a loving
> family.  When I went away for a week and a half I hired someone to come to
> my house just in case he returned home.  I live in a townhouse community so
> every house looks the same and he never left the house before.  I will
> probably get another high needs cat.  I adopted William knowing that he had
> leukemia.  Basically I want to adopt a cat that no one else wants.  Wishing
> all of the best to the members of the group.
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