Terri - I just love that Tomato Vampire that you added to Siggie angel's name. 
I still have a vampire cat. He's a bread vampire. I cannot leave an unguarded 
loaf of bread anywhere in sight. He once got into the laundry room where I left 
a couple of bags of groceries, including a bag with a loaf of whole wheat 
bread. When I returned, you can guess what had happened. Bread EVERYWHERE! 
Slices on the washing machine, on the dryer, mixed in with a turned over bag of 
clothes to be washed, all with bite marks. The Bread Vampire had struck big 
time. His real name is Bitsie. A tuxedo darling. I wouldn't trade him for all 
the loaves of bread in Whole Foods Market.

Spay and Neuter your cats and dogs and your weird relatives and nasty neighbors 

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>I haven't had any FeLV+ cats since 2005, and I'm still lurking about!
>This is the best list -- some of the folks here have been here a looooong 
>=^..^= Terri, Guinevere, Travis, Dori, Kimiko and 8 furangels: Ruthie, 
Arielle, Gareth, Alec, Salome, Sammi and Siggie the Tomato Vampire =^..^=
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>>Absolutely right Lee.  I love this group and I'd never  leave even
>>if I lost my last FelV cat.
>>On 07-02, Lee 
  Evans wrote:
>>>    Losing an FeLv+ cat either by the cat 
  passing away or wandering away is
>>>    not a good reason 
  to leave this list. At the present time I don't have
  any FeLv+ cats living with me although I have a few FIV+ ones. But 
>>>    have not quit the list because new information is 
  always cropping up
>>>    and it's good to know it for the 
  future. Also, these people feel like
>>>    friends, as 
  well as other issues are always discussed that effect 
>>>    in general.
  Spay and Neuter your cats and dogs and your weird relatives and 
>>>    neighbors 
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