Dear Patricia,


I am so sorry about Nori dying. She was a very lucky girl to have had you to 
help her at the end of her life.




- Lorraine


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 


Yesterday hospital called me saying Nori could come home. I went there after 
work and, while i waited for prescriptions, she started a seizure.

Vet medicated her so that seizure didn´t complete (diazepam and mannitol).

I stayed with her sometime, talked to her but i felt it was a farewell.

When i arrive at home, vet called me to say Nori had a cardiopulmonary arrest. 
They reanimated her but it could happen again.

Less then 30 minutes later, they called me again to say Nori had passed away.

As always happens here, when a cat has seizures, brazilian veterinarians says 
it is fip.

I don´t know what she really had, i am very sorrow for didn´t bring her home on 
sunday, when she was better. At least, she would have had one more day at home, 
with sun bath and love. 


I want to thank all of you. You were the best support i could find for Nori.


Thank you very much.




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