On 10/10/2018 3:54 PM, Craig Parmerlee wrote:
It officially launched today at an upgrade price of $150.

It seems that the upgrade mainly consists of a few improvements to collision avoidance.  Perhaps there is much more than immediately meets the eye, but this seems like a rather thin upgrade for $150.

I may upgrade, but I have been doing most of my work in Dorico lately, which already does 10x more automatic collision avoidance than Finale.

I'd appreciate hearing about any experience from people doing upgrades or using the demo version.

Second observation -- Fin26 will automatically remove Fin25 and install Fin26 if we aren't careful to read all the fine print in the installation dialog boxes! There is a dialogue labeled "Uninstall Finale 25" which has a checkbox to uninstall Fin25, which comes checked by default (wrong decision by the developers in my opinion), so if we're not careful to UNcheck that box, we'll lose our Fin25 installation. That may be unimportant for some who will simply remove older versions and use the newest one, but with all the upgrading troubles moving our data files from previous versions up to the most recent Finale versions, I'm keeping most of my Finale versions installed.

David H. Bailey
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