Here is my response to a thread I started on the Finale Forum
on-dots>  regarding the spacing of the eighth-rest dot in JazzFont:


"Well, here it is, 2 years since my post on this thread, and 11  years since
Christopher Smith reported this bug, and with yet another new release, this
bug remains. Finale 26 is an extremely thin improvement, and woefully short
in bug fixes. I wish I could get my money back. I think this will be my last
Finale upgrade. Also, where is the promised alternative to JazzFont, which
has some truly ugly characters? Is there a reason there is no shortcut to
the Jazz character map in the Help dropdown menu? Is there any improvement
to creating mix-font enclosures? Does ANYBODY from Finale care?"


I'm curious what bug fixes have been made that users on this list have found
in Finale 26, and what bug fixes you're still waiting for.



Richmond VA

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