I have downloaded and installed Finale 26 (Windows), and at the same time I have downloaded and installed the latest version of Dolet for Finale (ver7.2).

Curiously, even though the installation instructions for Dolet tells me that I will be able to select where it will install, the actual installation gave me no choice at all and automatically installed it in the Program Files (x86) \ MakeMusic \ Dolet 7 for Finale folder. And it created another folder called Program Files (x86) \ MakeMusic \ Finale \ 26 \ Plug-ins \ MusicXML where it placed the Dolet7.fxt plugin.

Unfortunately, my Finale 26 installation is in the Program Files \ MakeMusic \ Finale \ 26 folder, so the placement of the plug-in is not accessible to the actual installation of Finale.

Simple solution, do I hear you say? Just copy MusicXML folder with Dolet7.fxt in it to the Plug-ins folder of the actual installation of Finale26. I beat you to that! I already did that.

Then I ran Finale26. In the Plug-ins submenu there is a very nice MusicXML listing with a triangle indicating a sub-menu, which is where I would expect to find the Dolet7 plugin listed. All the other plug-ins which installed with the program show up just perfectly, but when I click on the triangle to open the MusicXML submenu, nothing happens. It just won't open any submenu, empty or not. So I have no access to Dolet7 other than the "lite" version which is listed in the File/Export and File/Import dialogs.

I have tried moving the entire Dolet7 folder to the Program Files \ MakeMusic folder, with no luck.

I can't leave Dolet7 in the Program Files (x86) folder because I can't have Finale26 point to more than one plug-ins folder (which is peculiar because I have other programs where there are options for things like "auxiliary plug-ins folder" so they can be placed in several different locations if I wish).

Thus I would love some suggestions so that I can actually have Dolet7 appear in my plug-ins menu and be able to use the complete version.

And perhaps someone could also explain why (since MakeMusic owns Finale and also owns MusicXML and the Dolet plug-ins) they don't just build the full version into the program itself? Why do we need to install a second version and go through the plug-ins menu? It's not as if it's a huge file size and by installing only the "light" version they're saving us disk space!

But mostly I'd just love some suggestions about how to actually get the full Dolet7 version working in Finale26 for Windows.


David H. Bailey
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