>      S: The difference between us and animals is basically language.

>       S: Why not 'check out' 'Biosemiotics'?

Dear Stan, 

I don't understand the "bio" in this. If we distinguish between two systems
of reference for knowledge -- discursive knowledge to be attributed to
interhuman communication, and personal knowledge to be attributed to human
psychologies -- the latter one is biologically embedded by the body, but the
former is only embedded by human minds (which are of course embodied).
Knowledge can then also be globalized and become person-independent. In
other words: discursive knowledge is generated bottom-up, but control can be

Shouldn't it therefore be "psycho-semiotics"? "Bio-semiotics" is only valid
for personalized knowledge. (For the good order, let me hasten to add that
the two systems of knowledge -- the interpersonal and the personal ones --
are reflexive to each other.) 

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