Thank you Karl
Some more questions:
1.      What Flash function can pull in basic html to flash?
2.      And what Flash function can get access to the database?
      I suppose that can not be done directly from flash. And how to
manage that dynamically with new url each time?

2012/11/21 Karl DeSaulniers <>:
> Hi Natalia,
> Yes you can, but it is the most basic of html. No DIVs for example.
> From the link you provided, that html would not work inside flash I don't
> think.
> If possible, get access to the database the comments are stored on
> and filter the data to your flash piece.
> HTH,
> Best,
> Karl
> On Nov 21, 2012, at 12:55 AM, natalia Vikhtinskaya wrote:
>> Hi to all
>> I need advice.
>> Is that possible to build a Flash/AS3 file that can pull in HTML data
>> from a website?
>> The site has a comment section (similar to this
>> and I need
>> that section to display, in real time, in the Flash file.
>> We also have the unique url of the site.  It changes on every page reload.
>> What possible and not possible for flash in this situation and what
>> way I can use?
>> Thank you in advance.
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