I wouldn't put too much time into it, noone realistically expects windows to run for a couple of weeks, let alone your app on a samsung tablet ;)).

That said, the demand being unrealistic, I'd at least opt to get an unrealistic price for it as well.

The sane thing would be in my opinion to say that you are doing everything you can to manage and release memory correctly (as you should), but that you have no influence over the underlying software and hardware platform and that autorebooting has no added benefit whatsoever. Save the state and restore it on the next launch, easy and cheap.

My 2 cnts,

ps this is true anyway, the underlying os might opt to kill your app anytime it wishes without specifying why, as may the user.

On 23-11-2012 13:14, Paul A. wrote:
On 23/11/2012 11:27, David Hunter wrote:
hmmmm, how long are you talking it being used for?

Client described it as a "couple of weeks"!

Essentially the client pulled the power at the end of the day but the battery kept the tablets alive overnight until power was restored.

I have made apps for samsung galaxy tabs that have run all day and don't
seem to have had too many problems (well not ones they've told me about!)
and I think sometimes they were left on for days and still worked.

But we do include functionality so the user can quit the app within the app
if necessary.


On 23 November 2012 10:27, Paul A. <p...@ipauland.com> wrote:

I've been asked about making a long-running app for a Samsung android

In the past, I made one for a windows tablet but there was clearly a
memory leak (not that I could find it in my code) and after being active
for many, many hours it would hit a problem.

We looked at automating a restart of the app to get around this.

If I encounter the same issue on the Samsung, would I be able to restart
the app before it happens?

Or does anyone who has developed similar have any advice?


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