natalia Vikhtinskaya skriver:
> Thank you Karl
> Some more questions:
> 1.    What Flash function can pull in basic html to flash?
> 2.    And what Flash function can get access to the database?
>       I suppose that can not be done directly from flash. And how to
> manage that dynamically with new url each time?

You have the URLStream, URLLoader and Socket classes if you want to load
data in ActionScript.

You can load html with either of them.

The Socket class can be used to implement a database client, but it is
not recommended, due to depending on the db to secure the connection as
well as having the end user client manage the database login credentials.

The Socket class is the only option for push based protocols. HTTP is by
design a pull based protocol and is as such ill suited for realtime

I recommend that you think about what data you need to load, not in
which format you have the data right now.

The best setup is to pick a format that does not contain display
details, but only the actual data. HTML tends to contain plenty of
design details.

Most people end up sending the data stored in the database as is to the
client, letting the client decide how to format the data at display time.
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