The touchscreens I've done recently have to on 50" screens, mostly in a 
vertical orientation. It's ironic that gestures and touch/swipe was brought to 
us by Apple and all the screens have PC drivers only. :) Go figure.

The hardware is dependent on what your program will be doing. I've had some 
that ran on anything desktop and a couple that a separate running animated 
video background for each of seven sections, plus 20 selectable videos and a 
125meg attract video, along with all the content and graphics for the seven 
sections and we brought just about every PC to its knees. Ended up with a very 
high box, with a beefy graphics card. 

So really your hardware selection gets driven by what your going to build, 
system resource requirements, usage (kids :), a length service (time wise). 

If you want specific hardware spec's, I could ask a couple of my clients what 
they settled on.


John R. Sweeney Jr.
Senior Interactive Multimedia Developer
OnDemand Interactive Inc
Hoffman Estates, IL 60169    

On Nov 30, 2012, at 4:45 PM, Paul A. wrote:

> Following on from the tablet question earlier, I've been asked to quote on a 
> kiosk app and suggest some hardware.
> What kinds of hardware are people using for kiosks these day?
> It'll be used by kids and in use all day.
> A tablet may be a bit on the small side and a full-blown PC might be a bit 
> too big.
> I've been wondering if anyone has tried this with a laptop with a swivel 
> touch screen?
> Any thoughts?
> Paul

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