Hi! I will try to explain my situation:
I'm a Flash developer (not a good one, just one more...), I know AS3, OOP, I 
can read MXML and I've read a lot about Flex in the last days, although I have 
never used it.
And there's a reason for that, the SWF size, I'm from Argentina, and here 
internet is really slow in many places (mine is 128kbps for example, so to load 
a SWF of just 150KB I need to wait approx. 10 seconds)

I was reading about RSL's to solve that, and it looks good, but I think could 
be a lot some "problems":
1) the first download will be very slow
2) if my RSL is not cached for any reason then nobody will be visiting the site 
3) what happens if I need to protect some project? I've read an article about 
Nitro-LM with RSL's (I don't know if it's the best option, for the moment I 
have never protected any code...), but if our RSL is encrypted, will be cached 
4) I don't know, is there any other problem with RSL's? what do you think?

I was reading about using Flex without the Flex Framework, and I like that 
idea, but what happens if I need a component? just one? I need to include again 
+200KB of code?

I was thinking in working purely in AS3 and reusing some classes from Flex 
without embedding all the framework (my first goal is to make a really light 
I want to use Flex because there are some classes and components that I don't 
have in Flash, and I need them, like RemoteObject.

So, I need some of the Flex Classes but I need a very light SWF.
Is possible to achieve that with Flex?


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