You know that RemoteObject is built on top of NetConnection. What you 
do is make remote procedure calls. You don't need flex but then you need to do 
the work yourself. Serialization and de-serialization on the server side. On 
other hand flex is open source so If you don't need something visual you just 
take the source code from flex compile it with your flash app and you should be 
good to go. I deed that with the base 64 encoder/decoders and except for a 
resource manager reference which I did not need after all it was ok. Depending 
on your needs you can take that source code and play with it.

HTH in some way,

hink could be a lot some "problems":
1) the first download will be very slow
2) if my RSL is not cached for any reason then nobody will be visiting the site 
3) what happens if I need to protect some project? I've read an article about 
Nitro-LM with RSL's (I don't know if it's the best option, for the moment I 
never protected any code...), but if our RSL is encrypted, will be cached then?
4) I don't know, is there any other problem with RSL's? what do you think?

I was reading about using Flex without the Flex Framework, and I like that 
but what happens if I need a component? just one? I need to include again 
of code?

I was thinking in working purely in AS3 and reusing some classes from Flex 
without embedding all the framework (my first goal is to make a really light 
I want to use Flex because there are some classes and components that I don't 
have in Flash, and I need them, like RemoteObject.

So, I need some of the Flex Classes but I need a very light SWF.
Is possible to achieve that with Flex?




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