Here's another link on ZK and HTML5:

"Firstly, ZK 6 will bring with it HTML 5 & CSS 3 support as we look to 
integrate features such as local file access, audio, video and canvas support. 
We are looking to implement HTML 5 as we see it as a core component of 
continuing to provide the best cross platform experience possible.
The second major improvement will be the introduction of substantial features 
to databinding including easier ways of binding across different scopes, 
loading and saving on changes of a model variable and extended increased EL 
expression support.
The third will come as no surprise to our regular users. ZK is based on jQuery 
and as such works in a multitude of browsers including smart phones. We are 
looking to go even further with smart phone and tablet support by integrating 
jQuery mobile technology into ZK 6, enhancing the experience on devices where a 
touch screen is their primary interface method such as, iPhone, iPad and 
Android based phones.
Lastly, one of the most anticipated innovations will be the inclusion of 
server-side selector technology for Java. This unique technology affords 
developers an incredibly easy and productive method of selecting and accessing 
server-side components.
The above features are only the tip of the iceberg for ZK, not to mention our 
other product line such as ZK Spreadsheet, ZK Calendar and ZK Studio. 2011 will 
be an exciting year for ZK developers."

Currently, they are on RC2 for ZK 6. So, I would anticipate these features 
being GA soon. 


--- In, "Ron G" <rgrimes@...> wrote:
> Just go to and do a search on HTML5. You'll see a lot about how it 
> is increasing support for HTML5. Here is one neat "small talk" for example: 
> Also, if you download the source for ZK, and browse through it, you'll see 
> its heavy reliance on jQuery on the client side.
> Ron
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> > >> Out of interest... why does ZK marketing material never mention HTML5?
> > 
> > Speculating here, but probably because it doesn't use HTML 5 tags at all, - 
> > everything I saw on their site indicates it's an AJAX solution using an 
> > older version of HTML.
> > 
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> > Out of interest... why does ZK marketing material never mention HTML5? They 
> > used to say "direct RIA" though I can't see that on the site anymore. I 
> > thought HTML5 was the new buzzword and that it would make sense to state it 
> > at least 3 times on every page?
> > John
> > 2012/1/17 Ron G <rgrimes@<mailto:rgrimes@>>
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> > Hi Joaoak:
> > 
> > You can make the coupling as tight or loose as you want. Each UI object can 
> > have a client side widget that is primarily the appearance, and a server 
> > side component that should contain the more complex logic. So, you can hide 
> > as much as want by placing it in the server side component as Java code, or 
> > keep in the client side widget as JS. In fact, since you indicate you are 
> > moving to HTML5, ZKoss actually might be a good choice, since it relies 
> > heavily on jQuery, which is considered a favorite HTML5 library. The 
> > difference is ZK lets you choose where client side logic is stored - as JS 
> > on the client or Java on the server. Another type of HTML5 approach won't 
> > offer that.
> > 
> > Ron
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