> Don't want to rain on your parade, but someone donated a Concorde
> already. There was just nobody who wanted to reduce the *many* vertices
> and re-apply the textures afterwards. Blender is quite good at reducing,
> but it would still mean a lot of work. If you want to continue to work
> on your Concorde then you might at least want to use some parts of this:
>   http://members.aon.at/mfranz/concorde.tar.gz  (1 MB)
>   http://members.aon.at/mfranz/concorde.jpg     (41 kB)
heh, I must have missed that one.  It looks better than mine.

I wasn't really all that serious as it only took 2 hours and it wasn't done on 
any of the tools used by people on this list.  I was going to pick it up in 
blender and finish it, but I won't bother now.  My intention was to improve 
my surfacing skills... I did, but it wasn't much of a challenge.

I've been looking at other things to do with plib (offscreen rendering), my 
time is limited though... Hope to be more helpful when I get a laptop.

I got hold of the paper referred to from AIAA in the landing gear simgear 
file, it's a shame it doesn't have more details - it looks as if it could 
have been of use with the current u/c problem in simgear (i.e. it stays still 
in a crosswind but not by setting the velocity to zero).


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