Melchior FRANZ wrote:
* Erik Hofman -- Thursday 06 May 2004 10:35:

1. Create separate Model directories for each livery.
2. Copy the animation configuration file to each directory.
3. Use the "full" path to the aircraft geometry file
   i.e. "Aircraft/MD-11/Models/"
4. Put different textures in the different Model directories.

If only parts have to be exchanged (such as tail logo, national emblems, numbers),
then the texture may contain all of them, and a "textranslate" animation can select
on of them. This would even work for the whole aircraft but would have to be done
in a clever way so as not to waste too much texture space. For example, the hunter
maps most faces to very small texture areas and doesn't have any structures (nits,
doors, etc.), so it could easily change its color by simply setting a property.
A fighter could automatically choose US or German emblems etc., depending on the
airport-id.  :-)

Especially nice to see when in flight ...


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