Lee Elliott wrote:
> Production Typhoons could exceed 530 mph in dives, with bombs/RPs, and
> Tempests could overhaul V1s.  I thought the Sea Fury was even faster,
> but I don't have a figure off-hand.

The key words being "in dives".  The solver values are specified in
level flight.  And dives can matter a lot!  Given the numbers and
weights in the current configuration, the Mustang is getting around
~850 lbs of thrust in cruise.  At its specified cruise weight of ~8000
lbs, it can double (!) its effective thrust thrust simply by entering
a 5 degree dive.

Thus my question about the configuration for the performance figure.
I'd be happier believing it if we could confirm that it was with a
stripped aircraft.  The guns, radios, emergency equipment and fuel
could easily add up to 20% of the weight or so, which would reduce the
induced drag to 64% of its current value.


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