On Wednesday 19 May 2004 01:18, Jim Wilson wrote:
> Does this help?
> http://www.geocities.com/copeab/Vehicles/P51D_Mustang.htm
> The WWII Hawkers were out performed by the P51D at least in terms of speed
> and ceiling.  I'm not sure about the Sea Fury but if it was faster it was
> likely by a tiny margin.
> This shows 437 mph @ 25,000ft:
> http://www.spiderbark.com/fgfs/3-View-sq-sign-MIA.jpg

:)  I found a figure of 466 mph @ 24500 ft for the Tempest prototype Mk 1 but 
this had come down to 435 @ 17500 ft for the Mk V.  Post-war, the 3000 hp 
Sabre Mk VIII was fitted to a Tempest MkIII resulting in 483 mph - no alt 
given though.  Apparently this was the last Tempest Mk before the Fury and 
Sea Fury (yeah - the Mks don't make much sense to me either)

For the Sea Fury I found a top speed of 435 mph and a ceiling of 34300 ft.

So I reckon you're right - the fastest production WWII prop fighter a/c 
probably was the P-51D.


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