Andy Ross said:

> Lee Elliott wrote:
> > Production Typhoons could exceed 530 mph in dives, with bombs/RPs, and
> > Tempests could overhaul V1s.  I thought the Sea Fury was even faster,
> > but I don't have a figure off-hand.
> The key words being "in dives".  The solver values are specified in
> level flight.  And dives can matter a lot!  Given the numbers and
> weights in the current configuration, the Mustang is getting around
> ~850 lbs of thrust in cruise.  At its specified cruise weight of ~8000
> lbs, it can double (!) its effective thrust thrust simply by entering
> a 5 degree dive.
> Thus my question about the configuration for the performance figure.
> I'd be happier believing it if we could confirm that it was with a
> stripped aircraft.  The guns, radios, emergency equipment and fuel
> could easily add up to 20% of the weight or so, which would reduce the
> induced drag to 64% of its current value.

Does this help?

The WWII Hawkers were out performed by the P51D at least in terms of speed and
ceiling.  I'm not sure about the Sea Fury but if it was faster it was likely
by a tiny margin.

This shows 437 mph @ 25,000ft:

Again I'm not an expert (obviously:-)),  but it seems to me that these top
speeds were supposed to be lower at lower altitudes.

My semi-educated guess is yes it could do the 380kts/437mph,  perhaps with
fair bit of variation due to weather conditions, aircraft condition, and pilot
skill, not to mention payload effect which is quoted in the above link.  At
least I haven't heard of anything to contradict this very commonly quoted
specification.  No doubt it could cruise mightily at well over 25,000ft so our
model should be able to that anyway.

Here are some more authoritative sources for data that were used.  Others
might be listed in the p51d.xml file.  Maybe someone who understood what they
were looking at could figure out why an aircraft can be made to go so fast by
 piecing together the clues in this data:

Please save these to your local system as they will not remain online long. 
In the meanwhile I'll be contacting the Gunfighter folks to get the pilot's
opinion on this.



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