On Saturday 29 May 2004 23:30, Ampere K. Hardraade wrote:
> In FlightGear, do the spoilers move with the ailerons when the speed brake
> is enabled?
> Regards,
> Ampere

In general I'd say no, but specific a/c could be configured to have this 

Spoilers and speed-brakes have different functions so a link between them 
wouldn't seem to be appropriate to me.

The issue might be clouded a bit in YASim a/c as there isn't a specific 
speed-brake control input.  I've used the spoiler control to operate the 
speed-brakes on the BAC-TSR2, after fiddling the spoiler properties to act 
more like speed-brakes (as far as I could ascertain, the BAC-TSR2 had no 

The YF-23, on the other hand, has neither specific spoiler or speed-brake 
surfaces but uses the flaps and ailerons in opposition, and again I've used 
the spoiler control for this.  The A-10 also has neither specific spoiler or 
speed-brake surfaces but has split ailerons, and once again I've used the 
spoiler control to operate them.

B-52s can/do use differential spoiler for roll control - on the G & H models 
it's the only method of roll control as those two models had the ailerons 
deleted to save weight - but earlier models used both aileron and spoilers 
for roll control (I can't incorporate this yet into the B-52F because the 
spoiler control is limited to a 0 to +1 range in YASim and to be able to use 
them differentially for roll control the range would need to be -1 to +1).  
Afaik the ailerons were the primary means of roll control on the earlier 
models, with the spoilers supplementing them.

However, with both the YF-23 and the A-10 the ailerons, acting as speed-brake 
surfaces, controlled by the spoiler control, _will_ move in response to 
aileron control input.

Was there a specific a/c that prompted your question?


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