Hi Lee

Lee Elliott writes

In general I'd say no, but specific a/c could be configured to have this

Spoilers and speed-brakes have different functions so a link between them
wouldn't seem to be appropriate to me.

Not true on most Boeing commercial A/C the speed brake and spoiler
function are very much intergrated as they use the same control surfaces.
And seeing the B52 is a Boeing product and has no ailerons I would not
be surprised if it did not do the same but I could be wrong.
To use spoilers as roll control you would only need a property between
0 and 1 as the spoilers only go to faired with A/C I am farmilar with.
This should be able to be implemented with the current property tree
by summing the output of the aileron property with the speed brake position.
With regard to the L/E slats the ones I am familar with are either in or out
predicated on flap position.This does not mean that all slats are out at once.
The 747 has two sets one that comes out at 1deg flap and the remaing
set at 5deg.
So if what you are proposing will lead to a more flexable system then. I am
all for it.

Was there a specific a/c that prompted your question?

Probably MD11 but that is just a guess(LOL).


Cheers Innis

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