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Lee Elliott writes

As I understand it, the spoilers are primarily to dump lift, although they'll
usually increase drag as well, producing a braking effect, so on a/c that
only have spoiler surfaces and no specific speed-brake surfaces the spoilers
may be used to give a braking effect. The primary purpose of speed-brakes,
on the other hand, is to dump speed but not necessarily lift.
As most commercial aircraft don't have separate speedbrakes(yes I know aircraft
like the Bae-146 have fuse mounted speedbrakes) the one surface
does both.In fact on landing at touch down the the spoilers/speedbrakes are
fully extended in this case they are acting as both lift destroyers and speedbrake
at the same time.
Have you checked with regard to the B52, if you say they have no ailerons, if the
spoilers are not infact also used as a speedbrakes.

The problem with using spoilers for roll control in YASim is that because the
spoiler range is clamped to 0 to +1, when you 'split' the input for
differential control it only works on one side of the a/c - through the 0 to
+1 range - to get it to work on the other side it needs a -1 to 0 range but
it can't do it, or at least it couldn't when I last tried. That was on the
YF-23, and I was trying to use the flaps differentially, instead of the
spoilers, but I think the same thing applies (the YF-23 used the ailerons and
flaps in opposition for speed-braking and could deploy them on one side only
for manuevering).
I dont know the yasim system but couldn't both left and right wing spoilers
have +1-0 or vice versa and be activated off the aileron property so as when
the aileron property is plus the spoilers on onw wing extend and whe the
aileron property is minus the spoiler on the other wing are extended.
Just a thought but as I say I dont know the system.



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