Lee Elliott wrote:
> The problem with using spoilers for roll control in YASim is that
> because the spoiler range is clamped to 0 to +1, when you 'split'
> the input for differential control it only works on one side of
> the a/c - through the 0 to +1 range - to get it to work on the
> other side it needs a -1 to 0 range but it can't do it, or at
> least it couldn't when I last tried.  That was on the YF-23, and
> I was trying to use the flaps differentially, instead of the
> spoilers, but I think the same thing applies (the YF-23 used the
> ailerons and flaps in opposition for speed-braking and could
> deploy them on one side only for manuevering).

I'm not sure I understand the problem here.  Control mappings are
allowed to cover any arbitrary output range, with clamping.  If
you specify a src0/src1 that doesn't cover the whole input range,
values below/above the range you specify will be clamped to the
appropriate dst0/dst1 value.  Can you post what you were trying
to use?


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