Roy Vegard Ovesen said:

> Here is a shot of the King Air cockpit i'm modeling:
> Also I have a question: The fuel panel texture on the left has two "semi" 
> circles that have alpha 0% (transparent) in order to show fuel level gauges 
> that are supposed to be placed slightly behind the panel. The fuel level 
> gauge that is visible on the right side of the fuel panel actually has a 
> textured face, but it is not visible through the transparent "semi" circle. 
> Note that the "Fuel system circuit breakers" panel texture is visible through 
> the transparent "semi" circle.
> The fuel level gauge has been included in the model xml file as a <model> tag. 
> Could this be the reason why the gauge face texture is not visible? I believe 
> David Megginson's Piper cockpit uses the same technique: A panel texture with 
> transparent "holes" and instruments behind those holes, so I guess it should 
> be possible.

So far this cockpit is really looking great!  Very nice work on the control box.

Scanning the other responses, I don't think this has been answered yet (sorry
if it has).  If your fuel panel is part of the main model, then it should be
lower on the stack and what you expect should be working.  However, I think
this might be affected by a select animation especially if the fuel panel is
grouped with objects like the fuel guage models (or other animations, but I
assume the only animation on a fuel panel would be select).  In any case the
problem isn't going to be solved by changing texture/polygon/color properties.
 That hole looks sufficiently transparent to me :-)

If none of this helps, then send your models and configs and I'll take a look.
 That wouldn't be until Sunday night at the earliest, because of a trip down
to Portland.

FWIW when modeling flat panels with bezeled guages I'm not sure there is any
advantage to using this method unless there's something specific being modeled
below the panel surface (e.g. certain mag compasses).  For example on the p51d
and the cub it isn't all that obvious that the faces aren't below the surface.
 On the other hand you may need this method for that side fuel panel, because
it is so close...not sure.  I guess I would always try it without the
transparency to see what looks like first.  Keep in mind that there is a
performance cost to rendering things through a transparency.



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