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* Roy Vegard Ovesen -- Saturday 05 June 2004 11:10:

On Saturday 05 June 2004 00:25, Lee Elliott wrote:

try moving the transparent parts to the bottom of the object

How do I do that? Editing the .AC file with a text editor?

Either that, but I prefer to let the computer do the boring stuff. A simple Perl
script (attached) sorts all objects (to make diffs smaller) and puts the listed
ones at the top. It is called from a Makefile that does also modify the material
entries etc.

I call it like this for the bo105:

  cat ${AC}|ac3d-sort shadow_fuselage shadow_rotor strobe_halo_T strobe_halo_B \
                      beacon_halo_T beacon_halo_Bf beacon_halo_B nav_halo_L \
                      nav_halo_R tailrotor > ${AC}.tmp && mv ${AC}.tmp ${AC}

The sctips doesn't work for *.ac files with object groups, though. (Which isn't a
problem, as Blender doesn't export groups, anyway.)



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Actually, it does. All you have to do is parent objects under and empty, and the empty becomes the group in the .ac file. It's worth reading the comments at the start of the python export script, it can do a few other tricks as well.


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