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What would be really good is if it were possible for the *user* to define an arbitrary number of keyboard / joystick configurations. These could also be named and grouped together; and there should be an easy way to switch between these configurations, from the keyboard or joystick itself if so desired.

I agree. Pulling keyboard/joystick/mouse configuration out of the main property tree makes this easier, because we don't have bindings left over when we switch to a new configuration (we load the whole configuration tree fresh with every reset()).

This would allow the user to set up different control configurations for flying different types of aircraft. For instance, a plane that doesn't have a retractable undercarriage won't need those controls at all, and the keys that would otherwise have controlled the undercarriage could then be used for something else.

Of course, a user would be welcome to do that, but we shouldn't recommend it as a good practice. As a general rule, it's better to have a key be a no-op for some planes than to keep changing meaning depending on the plane being loaded. The only exception is when the two things are closely related, such as (say) speed brakes or a drag chute.

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