Thank you all for your help and comments :)

I think i can keep the triangles around 8000 for this second version, since the
first version of the model had a lot of redundant triangles, and I forgot to
take that in acount when i said 10000!

The editor used was Milkshape, so i will be using .3DS

you can take a look at the wireframe:
You can see almost everything is done by inserting cylinders and doing some
vertex manipulation, perhaps not the best approach, but seems to work :P
The red vertices are redundant, and will be merged later on.

For the texture, I think 1 512x512 will do fine :)

For the FDM, for now i'll stick with JSBSim, since it seems to be the easiest.

Is it ok to exchange files here, or should I learn to use CVS?

Tiago Gusmão

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