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 Durk Talsma <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Just a few comments below, since I also ran into similar issues creating and updating the MD-11 aero file.

I also had problems using the <FG_TURBINE> and switched to
<FG_SIMTURBINE>, is this a good idea?

Yes, this reflects a recent change in JSBSim, which hasn't traversed it's way back into aeromatic yet.

Actually, I did make the change - it should be implemented in Aeromatic. I can't test it right now.

The file generated by aeromatic had the <AC_THRUSTER> inside the
<AC_ENGINE> tags and it didn't work until i separated them, aero-matic bug?

Not really a bug: This how JSBSim expected things to be, until a couple of weeks ago. It took me a while to figure this one out. ;-)

I thought I had made a big announcement. If I did not, my apologies.


The announcement is good, i just didn't look in the right place :|

I 've tweaked the landing gear to the real locations, assuming (0,0,0) it's the nose.
In the 3d model, I have the tip of the nose in (0,0,0) and it's been scaled to match units with meters and rotated to fit the FG's axis.
In fgrun, the aircraft rotates around the nose, anything i can do to fix this without messing with the model itself?
I also noticed that lighting in fgrun is fixed relative to the aircraft, shouldn't be the aircraft rotating around and light coming from somewhere near eye position?

When i tell it to start from a RWY, it starts in air, sinks and ends up in the right orientation, but only the cockpit is above the RWY, the rest is before the RWY.
What is the reference point used to align the A/C on the RWYs?
With such model positioning, should i need to use any offsets in the the model xml?

If someone wants to take a look at it in-game:
the textures are pre-pre-alpha and the model still needs some work ;)
Dont forget to put the RB211 in the Engine folder.


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