Hi Curt
I downloaded the windows binaries last night for
9.4 and the problem of the drop down menu's
locking the sim up still seem to exist.Even if you
go to exit FG and then select cancel the sim locks up.
The reason that I downloaded the binaries was that I
have just built a new box,that I am going to put linux
on,but wanted to find out how the new box compaired
for speed to the old box. To my surprise the frame rates
were worse than the old box.
The following tests were done using windows 98SE
The old box was a 850meg duron with 256 meg ram and
a GF4-MX-440 64meg graphics card.On this box I could get 27fps
sitting at the end of 28R at KSFO looking at the terminal.
The new box a 2gig athalon with 512meg ram and a FX5200
128meg graphics card could only give 22fps under the same
conditions.Also my son who has a 2.8 gig rig running an ATI 9800pro
card could only get 15fps.It seems the more powerfull the computer
the slower FG seems to run.
Now I dont know why that is but if we want to get new people into
FG we should see what the problem is.
As my son says if he had downloaded the game(sorry sim)and seen these
kind of results he would have just scrubed it and moved on and I guess
there are a lot of other people who would do the same thing.
My son says that he gets frame rates of well over 100 on Quake and Doom
which seem to be much more graphics intensive than FG.
Also I noticed that in the 9.4 base the runfgfs bat file has been removed.
Was there a reason for this.
I guess I did not notice this before because I was running the 9.4 binaries
with the CVS version of the base package and my own bat files.
When I ran the 9.4 version I downloaded last night it seemed to flash up
a dos window saying bad command or file name about were I would expect
to see the Alpha window on my other version of 9.4.The sim would then
continue to load.But once loaded the runway had black lines at the end of
each texture.
I have seen this before when running AC3D and FG 9.4 at the same time on
my old box.On that system the sim would, under those conditions, only run at
about 1fps or less.But in that case I could get the sim to run correctly by shutting
down AC3D(maybe a memory thing).But with the version I downloaded last night
I could not get the black lines to disappear at all.
Is anyone else seeing this.
From the air the runway looks like a step ladder.
Also on the new box the frame rates do not seem to change if I
have full fog or no fog.On the old box the frame rates would half
with no fog
So with a new version coming out could these problems be looked at.

Curtis Olson

Thanks in advance Cheers Innis

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