Jonathan Polley wrote:

> Fred,
>       It turns out that the problem should exist on every FlightGear 
> system, not just the Mac.  On exit(), fgExitCleanup() is called which 
> deletes the globals class and then calls fgOSExit().  The only thing 
> that fgOSExit() does is turn around and call exit(), which repeats the 
> process.  I changed fgExitCleanup() in main.cxx to be as follows:
> void fgExitCleanup() {
>      delete globals;
>      //fgOSExit(0);
> }
> This prevented the recursive call to exit(), but will not work if 
> someone is using the fg_os_sld.cxx module, but it works for me.

I proposed two patches but there is a question that maybe Andy could
answer : what is the purpose of fgOSExit ? It comes to me because 
this function, is called only once in FlightGear while exit is called
at many locations. fgOSExit is just calling exit for the glut version
and SDL_Quit() + exit in the sdl version.

What about calling SDL_Quit in a function installed by 'atexit', remove
fgOSExit and only rely on exit in all the program ?


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