"Ampere K. Hardraade" said:

> On July 10, 2004 08:25 pm, Norman Vine wrote:
> > Ampere K. Hardraade writes:
> > > Anyway we can get the plib group to look into their method for rendering?
> >
> > Have at it !
> How do I reach them?
> >
> > Note PLib's scenegraph is SSG < Simple Scene Graph >
> > Since this model is anything but simple IMO it doesn't really
> > qualify for SSG < Simple Scene Graph > :-)
> Well, their method of rendering is capable of rendering that 350 millions 
> triangle monster in under 10 seconds.  If using that method means that the 
> framerates of FlightGear goes up plus more detail scenery, then it certainly 
> worths look into in my opinion.

Hmmm... that 777 Model page didn't mention a GPU.  In any case, I gather from
reading just the first paragraph on the OpenRT page you'd be looking at having
plib utilize the OpenRT API in lieu of OpenGL's.



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