All I am saying is that it will be a good idea to look deeper into it instead 
of pushing it aside.  After all, from what I have read on their site, the 
OpenRT library seems to offer some pretty neat capabilities that aren't in 
the current version of plib.

At the very least, we should keep this real-time-raytracing technology in 
mind.  The idea of Microsoft come out with games that utilize real time 
raytracing while Linux has nothing equivilent is... freightening.


On July 20, 2004 03:23 am, Jim Wilson wrote:
> Hmmm... that 777 Model page didn't mention a GPU.  In any case, I gather
> from reading just the first paragraph on the OpenRT page you'd be looking
> at having plib utilize the OpenRT API in lieu of OpenGL's.
> Best,
> Jim

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