> I get the same ground poly problems that you seem to be getting with your
> ATI driver, except I've been getting them for some time now.
> It actually only seems to be the airfield polys that are affected but
> often see it with airfields that are a long way away, to the extent that
> can't see the airfield itself but only the displaced polys as they sick up
> through the haze, sometimes to many tens of thousand of feet.
> Are you able to fly at night i.e. when the sun is below the horizon?  If I
> flying in these conditions FG starts but crashes once I get a few hundred
> feet in the air and I think this is also due to the ATI drivers.

I'm very new on FG, only been running it for two weeks. Also, my PC was just
recently rebuilt, so pretty much everything in new.

I was getting the segfault when I exited FG, but this disappeared when I
installed the latest driver from the ATI web site. I've seen some comments
that there are problems with some VIA chipsets and the ATI Radeon cards, so
I have also installed the latest drivers for the motherboard. My machine was
hanging when the resolution was greater than 1024 x 768, just running
windows, so there is obviously some clashes there. since I did this, I
havn't tried higher than 1024 resolution, so I don't know if I've actually
fixed the problem.

Are you using an ATI card? The problems you described are similar,
especially the long distance problems. I assumed at first that is was really
bad sheet lightning graphics until I noticed they were coming from the

I've had FG hang once in a night flight, possibly around 100 seconds, as
others indicated in this thread. I'll pay more detail from now on, as I've
assumed most of my problems up until now have been motherboard/video


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