Chris Metzler wrote:
On Thu, 29 Jul 2004 00:08:31 -0400
And I don't see any problem with the DC-3. I want to say that this
> is something odd about your drivers,  but I'm too ignorant
> of this stuff to be sure.  Is it only ATI people
that see this stuff? Do all ATI people see this stuff

Personally, I would say that while there do seem to be some issues specific to ATI cards, I cannot complain in general as the overall performance seems a lot better than using a "better" card, regarding ATI I've come to the conclusion that it's just a matter of disabling the right options to reduce the problems (like the mentioned lack of updates in specific parts of the client area) and to make the whole situation bearable.

On the ATI issues I am going to download some other plib applications
in order to specifically look out for similar problems but also
performance, maybe it's really not that much related to FlightGear
itself but rather plib ? That would at least make sense if I don't
find _any_ plib app where I achieve more than 10-15 FPS with the
nvidia card ;-)

Regarding the idea to profile the openGL specific parts of FlightGear I have to say that I did download the mentioned software but to be honest: I wouldn't have the slightest clue about what to look for, so the best thing I could possibly offer is to log everything and make the logs available - but the evaluation of these logs would probably be a totally diffferent issue :-/

On the other hand I had a closer look at this openGL logging application
and I think one might attempt to get representative results by
adding the functionality to FlightGear itself (a debugging version) and
try to run some basic flight data replay (or something similar to
utilize openGL for a specific amount of time which should be available
in all versions) on as many machines as possible.

Maybe one could then find essential differences by comparing the
collected logs ? (just guessing)

Even though I did personally also consider running other (more
performant) Windows openGL applications in order to see in what way
they deal differently with the accelerator card, possibly it's really
about enabling specific options on some boards ?!

-------- Boris

P.S.: Sorry Erik for typing more than 5 lines of text :-)

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