On Friday 30 July 2004 23:19, John Wojnaroski wrote:
> When using real-time weather via the net and the native-ctrls interface to
> input control data to FG it appears both "sources" attempt to write to the
> environmental properties; this is most noticeable with the wind vector and
> discontinuities in the ground speed
> "turning off" the specific wind properties update in native-ctrls clears up
> the conflict but restricts wind updates to the real-time system.
> Has anyone experienced this problem?
> Regards
> John W.

This sounds like it may be at the bottom of some problems I've been having 
with weather.

I don't use real weather because most of my flying is to test the fdms I'm 
working on, so I want predictable and consistent weather.  What I'm 
experiencing though, is that on take-off, the wind and visibility settings 
are frequently incorrect for the altitude I'm at.

For example, sometimes instead of getting 3 kts over the runway at start-up 
it's 6 kts i.e. the next layer up.  Then sometimes, even if the ground layer 
is correct, as I gain altitude after take-off, instead of progressing through 
the different layers I'll get a jump as it skips a layer or two so I get 6000 
ft or 9000 ft settings at < 1000 ft instead of the 3000 ft settings.

I can use the weather gui to correct this but I may need to click the 'Apply' 
button many times before the weather settings change.  Then to cap it all, 
when I then click 'OK' to close the gui, the weather sometimes reverts back 
to an incorrect setting.


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