Jon Berndt said:

> > I don't use real weather because most of my flying is to test the fdms I'm
> > working on,
> Just so I am clear, when you say "fdms" are you referring to Flight Dynamics
Model source
> code, or are you referring to something I'd call an Aircraft Flight Model
(AFM) or
> Aircraft Flight Model Definition (AFMD). I don't mean to sound snobbish, but
when I think
> of FDM I think of math (equations of motion). The aircraft definition files
- whether it
> be a JSBSim aircraft definition file, a YASim one, or whatever - define the
aircraft -
> which the FDM code interprets and "brings to life".
> We've never really discussed terminology as far as I can remember, but maybe a
> clarification would be good - if only so that my filter rules don't
categorize messages
> incorrectly. :-)

If it wasn't for the great work on JSBsim and YASim we'd have very few
aircraft.  But I think those config files, along with the "source code" that
ends up interpreting and processing them, both make up the FDMs.  There is
considerable skill and effort involved in producing accurate flight models for
new aircraft isn't there?

Or maybe I'm just not very good at it :-)

Heh...probably the later!

Anyway,  I knew exactly what Lee meant.



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