On Monday 02 August 2004 21:22, John Wojnaroski wrote:
> Jim Wilson writes:
> > If it wasn't for the great work on JSBsim and YASim we'd have very few
> > aircraft.  But I think those config files, along with the "source code"
> that
> > ends up interpreting and processing them, both make up the FDMs.  There
> > is considerable skill and effort involved in producing accurate flight
> > models
> for
> > new aircraft isn't there?
> Hmmm, speaking of accuracy.  Do all the new aircraft use the output of the
> Instrumentation model to drive the flight instruments? If that is the case,
> then the 747, YF-23, T-38, 737, etc, etc are using data based on a light
> aircraft pitot-static ssytem and vacuum driven gauges and the associated
> lags and delays. For my 747 project I've decided  to dig into JSBSim to get
> the "raw data" and pass that through an INS/ADC model to drive the glass
> displays.
> Depending on your purpose and application it might be a don't care, but it
> would have an impact on things like autopilots and error
> tracking/man-machine interface research. Just a thought....
> Regards
> John W.

FWIW, I've not attempted any 'proper' panels yet and the instruments that I've 
included on the panels I've done so far are more for monitoring what the a/c 
is doing, rather than being designed for flying the a/c.

As such, many of them do not use data from the 'instrument' sub-system but 
show absolute readings from the property tree.

I'd like to do 'proper' panels and instruments but until I have a better 
understanding of how they work and how they're used, in real-life, I'm 
holding off trying any.


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