Ron Lange wrote:
Boris Koenig schrieb:

Hi Ron !

Hi Boris,

Hallo ;-)

The patch from 0.9.5-pre2 => 0.9.5-final (~1 meg) is obtainable at:

thank you very much!

one other thing: I mentioned already that I didn't have the original pre-release available to create that patch, meanwhile Stewart & Steven have released a patch that's based on the _original_ pre2-release, which *differs* from mine, you can get that file at:

IF you have already applied the other file (and in case it didn't work)
you would _probably_ need to restore the original folder tree before
applying this new patch.

Please let us know if there are any problems, but these
would then very likely be linked to the fact that I
don't have the original files available to create the

Hmm...the only way to confirm a successful patch is to diff against the final base-package, but that is the case I try to avoid ;-)

The patches are already based on a pretty tricky automatic diff technique, so in order to really verify whether these files work, it should be sufficient to simply upgrade the base package using such a patch and then try to run the latest fgfs build - debug messaging (--logging=bulk) should be enabled in the beginning to be able to track down potential problems.

So, a _successful_ patch should not cause any troubles running the
latest fgfs version.

For now it's very convenient for me to download only a single file, but I (and I think also Arnt) would really recommend a patch chain, not only since it's really gnu-style, anybody would gain a lot of time!

As I said already: I would not mind creating such a patch chain, but first we would need to know whether things are working as expected and THEN I would still need access to the original pre-releases in order to create the necessary patch archives.

--------- Boris

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