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one other thing: I mentioned already that I didn't have the original
pre-release available to create that patch, meanwhile
Stewart & Steven have released a patch that's based on the _original_
pre2-release, which *differs* from mine, you can get that file at:

..ah, that means at least one of you guys has been a naughty boy and worked from something _other_ than an official FG release. ;-)

Arnt, how about starting to actually *read* my postings - at least
those that you reply to ? :-)

I did mention _all the time_ that I didn't have the original
(pre)releases available and hence decided to use a CVS checkout
as reference basis for the patch.

Having meanwhile had the chance to test it, it does seem
work anyway, just more files being put into the folder - but
I didn't really check it thorougly.

Contary to that, the 0.9.4 final => 0.9.5 final patch is based
on official releases, which I also mentioned ;-)

As I said already: I would not mind creating such a patch chain,
but first we would need to know whether things are working as
expected and THEN I would still need access to the original
pre-releases in order to create the necessary patch archives.

..another idea to test these; provide test scripts. I have bandwith and disk space and vacant cpus, but no time.

that would then be very specific to FlightGear, and I think Steven & Stewart are right in trying to keep things as general as possible, e.g. that way they can use that script for _many_ purposes, so it does have its justification outside the FG world.

IF such an extension is considered a good idea by several
users here, one could think about providing externals
means for it.

..basically, something like "for FG in FlightGear SimGear plib ;
;for V in 0.9.5 0.9.4 # etc for SimGear plib too
;do wget -c $$V.tar.bz2 ;tar jxvf $FG$V.tar.bz2 ;done # etc

so you are talking of an automated updater ?
regarding that one really has to be careful, not
everybody  has a full GNU toolchain available,
even though there are things like Cygwin they
do significantly complicate things for novice
users - or at least for those who are not really
familiar with Unix.

(I know that stuff like wget is also available as
a standard Win32 compiled version, but it's not
per default available on windows ...)

diff -ruN $FG$V $FG$($V-1) >diff-from-$FG$($V-1)-to-$FG$V
md5sum diff-from-$FG$($V-1)-to-$FG$V
bzip2 diff-from-$FG$($V-1)-to-$FG$V
md5sum diff-from-$FG$($V-1)-to-$FG$V.bz2 # etc".
..the md5sums are neat to verify that we wind up with the same source tarballs, without having to build them.

not sure about how much sense something like that would make, we will have to wait for other opinions, but it's gonna certainly be beyond the scope of "tardiff".

..expanding on this idea, it is possible to have newbies use "this
upgrade script" to update their old FG to the current,

I really doubt, how feasible something like that would be for for "newbies", I know a lot of windows users who would certainly not manage to make use of something like that - and as soon as you are a user of a unix-based OS the debate becomes pointless as you are likely to be somewhat more familiar with your system anyway and certainly would not care doing the required steps manually.

first chking for their old FG, then fetch Boris' tardiffs

tardiff itself comes from Steven & Stewart Andreason - so it certainly was _not_ mine idea - just to clarify things and give credit where it's due.

and patch up their FG install to the latest official FG, SimGear and plib.

I think we'll really have to wait for other opinions, I really doubt that it would pay off - simply because the work that needs to be done would probably take relatively long compared to that group of users who might really make use of something like that, but that's my personal view ... some stage, the official tarballs (or a cvs co to the latest cvs
release tag) becomes more comvenient, so don't over-engineer it. ;-)

I agree, I've talked to Steven & Stewart about that and they also think that the current version is going to be the final version for the near future, maybe there'll be one or two small fixes but not many enhancements anymore. It might still become useful to add one or two small features when changes in the fgfs base archive require more sophisticated tracking mechanisms.

The only thing that I can currently think of would be an addition
to support simultaneous creation of ZIP archives, simply as there
are a lot more common for winows and more familiar to its users
so it might really make things simpler for those users...


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