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A "short" message for Arnt !

..Winston Churchill had a great way of having bureaucrats trim their language; it had to be readable without glasses, from across the room, on one sheet of paper, nailed to the wall. ;-)

will have to send HTML mails out then, in order for the font size to be appropriate for you :-)

Hope this one is short enough for you !

Hey, HOW about integrating the necessary functionality into
FlightGear itself, then we'll have a graphical UI :-))

..whenever pigs fly. Meanwhile, start with a set of shell scripts,
and hide them from those chicken Wintendo users who "clicks"
"Graphical Upgrade Wizard", and show real people what's going on if they care to learn, it can run in the background,
it'll first need to drag home the deps and compile and set them up, then FG itself.

well, thanks for all these pointers to shell scripting howtos, but that shouldn't be the problem ;-)

Actually, I rather consider the requirement for a GNU toolchain on
windows (=>Cygwin) to be the problem - and that's what would be
necessary in order for the shell stuff to work, hence Steven's
approach to use Perl for tardiff is certainly more convenient
for the majority of "normal" users. Everybody who really managed
to get CygWin to work, shouldn't mind using the shell for a simple
command anyway, I think.

..I'd rather see them suggest useing tgz, if the idea is get Winzip

okay, thanks for that suggestion - that's a good one, unix users shouldn't care either way and if it makes things simpler for windows users it should really be named that way, it's going to be added/changed in the next version :-)

..that was a joke, with GNU tools on a Wintendo, you don't need Winzip. ;-)

_I_ know of course, but thinking of those folks who are not familiar with Cygwin it might indeed be a better way to use standard extensions that are by default recognized under windows - and if that's true for TGZ instead of TAR.GZ that's certainly worth to think about.

-------- Boris

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