* Alex Romosan -- Saturday 07 August 2004 00:28:
> okay, then you should change the default so the helicopter starts with
> the collective up so the helicopter doesn't just take off once you
> start the rotor.

Yes, a solution for keyboarders would be desirable. But it may only
influence the keyboard config, not the FDM settings! Overriding the
PgDn & PgUp keys with reversed meaning, and additionally defining
1 and 2 with the same meaning is fine with me. But the (FDM) throttle
stays reversed!

> as for the "there's no way in hell to have this 
> changed" i beg to differ: i've already made the change in my local
> copy and i intend to keep that way :-)

Heh ... that's cheating!

> i am not sure what the collective has to do with the throttle. if i
> understand this correctly, the collective changes the pitch of the
> rotor blades.

the main rotor blades, yes

> i thought helicopters don't have a throttle the way 
> fixed wing aircraft do: i.e. the engine is always at a constant rpm.

Wrong. Helicopters do have throttles. They are adjusted at startup and
during flight. You see the normal operation range on the dual tacho.
The bo105 does indeed not have a throttle yet. But it's important
to use the throttle settings for the collective, as this is what the
"input" system delivers for the js "throttle" lever (even if it's
really used as a collective for the bo).

> but then i am not a helicopter pilot so i might be wrong.

I'm no helicopter pilot, either. But the modeler and maintainer of the
bo105. I care for its (joystick controlled) behavior. I don't care that
much for keyboard hacks. (You won't ever get happy with a helicopter
controlled only by a keyboard, anyway. It's bad enough if you don't
have pedals.  ;-)


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