Hi Matin,

On Mon, Sep 06, 2004 at 05:33:58PM -0700, martin pardee wrote:
> it would make sense for the sim to support a "pub-sub" framework. centralizing
> the messaging would be a way of 1) makeing sure that this wheel doesn't get
> re-invented too often and 2) make sure that the performance hit takes place
> only once as well.

yes I agree. Thats the reason I have my own prop tree where further
processing takes place. Eg. take the AP altitude and push it out on the
assigned 7segment displays, decoding the number to the way the 7segment
displays are hooked up. 

> i'd think that somewhere inside here there's a orimary loop that controls when
> stuff gets rendered onscreen, which seems like it would have been a good place
> to manage other real-time like things.  somewhere in here it might be nice to
> place a trigger for messaging. 
> would you know of something like this hiding in the code somewhere?

no. my idea is to be based mostly around the property tree. when some
subscribed-to value changes, push out the notice with the new value.


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