Norman Vine writes:
> Curtis L. Olson writes:
> > 
> > I just committed a set of changes to move the hi res screen capture 
> > feature back towards a useable state. 
> > There are currently 2 issues that remain.
> > If you select hi-res screen shot from the menu, that means the menu is 
> > active, and it is drawn on every tile (so if you are doing a 3x3 scheme, 
> > you would get 9 instances on the menu.)  This is probably easier to 
> > figure out than my first problem, but for now you can turn off the menu, 
> > then telnet in and run the screen dump command remotely to work around 
> > this problem.
> I think you just have to hide the menu when first entering the hires-screen
> function.  IIRC this is what was done prior to XML'izing the menu ops

Well I see this
   <property> /sim/menubar/visibility</property>

so I guess something like this should work

void fgHiResDump()
    bool menu_vis = fgGetBool("/sim/menubar/visibility");
    if (menu_vis)
  .... existing code ....




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