Hi Dave.  This is great work.  Seriously, it's a fabulous contribution,
and I'm pumped to get started using it.  I have a couple of quick

> Version 0.2.2 fixes several serious bugs in the X-Plane format writer
> present in 0.2.0 and 0.2.1.  All users should upgrade, since X-Plane
> format is becoming the default format for FlightGear in the very near
> future.

I'm wondering whether we know what the X-Plane format really *is*.
Since the beginning of September, Robin Peel has been saying that a
new set of files are coming out "next weekend, September 18."  But he
also says that these files won't work at all with earlier versions
of X-Plane.  That may simply be because of the new information content
in fields that were basically dummy (see below) choking reads that
don't know how to handle them; but it made me wonder if there's a file
format change coming up.  At the very least, his comments about being
able to declare aprons separate from taxiways suggest a new record type.

On a related note, since the X-Plane files are apparently going to support
this soon, is there any possibility of being able to "label" taxiways with
identifiers (e.g. "taxiway A")?  I know that right now, we don't do
anything with that information; but we might in the future, with sign
placement or ground control instructions or whatever, and if people have
that information and the opportunity to add it to the database, we might
as well, rather than having to go back and add it later.  Something
along these lines (re: taxiways and aprons):


Finally, I'm wondering how you're going to handle conflicts between future
X-Plane data releases, and changes that people have sent to you.  For
example, suppose an FG user sends some changes to an airport to you; and
suppose some X-Plane user sends some changes to the same airport to Robin
Peel (or the DAFIF changes for that airport).  The next X-Plane dataset
contains the changes that Robin Peel received, which are different from
the ones you have.  How would that get resolved?  Go with theirs?  Go with
ours?  Contact the person who sent you changes to review the situation and

Thanks muchly.  And thanks again for TaxiDraw!


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