Paul Surgeon wrote:

I'm not complaining about the sloping runways - I absolutely love it!

Me too.

In fact that was the number one feature that stood out to me when I first tried FlightGear. Whoever did the coding (Curt?) did a great job.
It's just a pain from a programming point of view to work with "real values".

Yes, I'm trying to use Terragear to bring some life back into an old SPX-200 system.
(ie flat runways) Other than polygon count this is the biggest problem I have. Oh, well.


On Tuesday, 19 October 2004 23:34, Dale E. Edmons wrote:

The big guys are moving to *non-flat* runways. Flat runways cause many
with landing altitude, G/S, touchdown point, and most of all,
*realizism*. In a word,
"don't do flat runway modeling"! This may become a point with FAA
certification in
the near future as well. Flat=bad, correctly modeled = good.

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