I am currently working on building the latest round of world scenery for FlightGear. I'm not done, so don't consider this to be the "official" announcement. However, for those that want to get a jump on the competition, you can find the new scenery here:


This scenery should work just fine with the 0.9.6 version, but some radio towers will look better running with the current CVS version of FG ... not a big deal.

There is nothing ground breaking in this new build. It is mostly a collection of small fixes, and is based on the latest[1] airport data from Robin Peel including many submissions from FG developers and users. I've done quite a bit of addition work on airport surfaces so the little odd cliffs that showed up in a few places mid-runway should now be gone.

[1] Well, the latest data as of the start of my build ... figures he would release an update before I was finished, but I'm past the point of no return now.



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